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Thr Bora Bora Beach bar is a private owned beach on the west side of the sea of Galilee (Tiberias israel), the beach's unique location, offers a magical atmosphere and one of a kind view to the Golan heights and the Galilee mountains.
The beach is located at the foot of Mount Raqat at the town Tiberias in israel and . all of the area there are natural springs that flow from the mountain rock.
This Region of the sea of Galilee is one of the most beautiful and virgin areas that is still exist in the kinneret (sea of Galilee) And we invest a tremendous effort to remain so for future generations
The entire beach atmosphere was inspired by the original shore lines of the bora bora island, bamboo trees are planted and the entire shore is designed and built with a true Tahitian style.
the  Bora Bora beach was built with organic materials in order to  maintain the green environment of the shore line.

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