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Wish to to organize your group formation day?
Bora Bora beach is just the place for you.

The Bora Bora beach crew invites you for a day of fun in our beautiful beach resort.
What do we offer you?
 A Formation Day that the employees will not cease to talk about, long after it will end:
  • Check in at the Bora Bora shore that is on of the most beautiful nature reserve our country still has! 
  • Gathering and mingling in a shaded area with beverage and snacks.
  • therapy tents are offered for the employees with a variety of massages and therapies for body and soul.
  • water sports of all kinds.
  • SAP Workshop - with a professional guidance for your employees on how to sail surfboard.
  • sport seminars of your choice.
  • kayaking - there's nothing like kayaking to increase the morale and consolidate the group.

And obviously - everything that is needed for genuine fun day:

  • A Golden seashore
  • The deep blue sea
  • lots of integrated green bamboo trees with beautiful natural springs water surrounding.
  • DJ services will play your favorite music .
  • Caribbean-style bar services with a top quality alcohol and specialty beverages.
  • kosher catering with a unique and satisfying servings - Grill meals according to your preferences, rich breakfasts, dairy meals or food stands - Everything You Need to is to choose.

About Us
Bora Bora Beach crew consists from individuals with extensive experience in organizing Activity Days and fun days for employees, for numerous companies and organizations. We plan for you the 
orientation day to the smallest details, in order to fulfill your dreams perfectly.

When we plane a corporate event, we are concerned that this day will be a day filled with joy and pleasures. Thus, we first and foremost hear from you which day of Formation do you see in your visualization, and then offer you all the possibilities suited to your dream.  

Bora Bora beach has all the necessary authorizations for
 events of this kind : business permit, bathing insurance,  water sports insurance and all other insurance policies needed, rescue services, security services and all that is necessary for a consolidation day that you will not forget.

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